Changing Spaces Interior Design

Janine Nortje

Project Management & Procurement

Janine has been in the interior design and building industry for over 10 years and her vast experience dealing with the trade and building industry is priceless.

Her absolute passion for her work, her work ethic and her love of fabrics makes her an invaluable member of the team. Janine goes beyond all expectations for both her colleagues and clients and nothing is ever too much to ask. Her organisational skills which are paramount to the smooth running of any project are outstanding and much appreciated by clients and colleagues alike.

Janine does not mind getting her hands dirty and making sure everything is 100 percent spotless and perfect when it comes to handover day, which is her favourite part of any project, seeing all the hard work come together and watching the clients respond with absolute glee and awe when they first step into their new space that has been designed and decorated by the Changing Spaces team.