Changing Spaces Interior Design

Micaela-Ann Causton

Junior Interior Architectural Designer

Micaela-Ann graduated from The IIE-Vega School of Design and Business in 2020 where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

Micaela-Ann’s love for art, particularly sculpture and installation art, is what has sparked her passion for creating dynamic and intriguing spaces. She loves the process of bringing spaces to life incorporating the essence of those who are to use them. A perfectionist by nature, she leverages her meticulous organisational skills, ensuring that her deadlines are met, and tasks delivered.

With a problem-solving approach, meticulous attention to detail in transforming design concepts into precise, practical, and visually compelling drawings and keen understanding of space utilisation, Micaela-Ann brings an invaluable dynamic to our draughting and design team.